Our Common Dream of Zanskar

This is an open action group for the welfare of Zanskar in all aspects including preservation of our remained identity, supporting harmony, spreading awareness about all the necessary subjects, planning for a systematic and planned Zanskar once its open from Leh and Manali. Which means Zanskar will be open for an entire year for the first time and factors influencing it will be numerous and intense. We believe that Development doesn’t do any good if it cannot be in the hands of the people and in control. We strongly appreciate reserving areas for protecting our rare and exotic wildlife, for example creating national parks away from tourists, livestock and inhabited areas.

We also have this strong believe that “Zanskar” is right now a blank page and we can write a good story , a beautiful painting, maybe a poem before it’s too late and we still can do it. We can be an author, painter and a poet of Zaskar and be the characters, portraits and metaphors in the near future. Let’s tie the elephant and lead it before it turns into a wild beast. But before moving on we need to clean up our own dirt we have left in the name of religion, caste, gender and region and above all a solid identity in order to make it even better.

Through this website we will let you know about what we want to do, we strongly appreciate your support irrespective of your place of belonging and any other factors. I know that there is immense potential in the youngsters of Zanskar, we have a common dream, and this is what we are trying to create a common ground where we can work together towards realizing our dreams and leave no stones behind which could be a cause of our regret in the later life. Whether we can achieve everything or not is the second question but our prior question is whether you are ready to give a hand to at least try it.

Earning degrees is not worth if there is no opportunity, going back is not worth if there is a question for survival, having kids is not worth if there are no good schools, sending them away is not worth if they do not know have an identity and having dreams is not worth if we cannot tell it and work to make it real.

This is an era in the history of Zanskar that so many kids, students are sent away for modern education and already so many educated people. By now we think it’s time when we can count on ourselves, use our potentials to create our own world for the world, it’s not anymore the forbidden kingdom it used to be.

Lets give back something, for nature, for our family, for Zanskar, for ourselves!

Our Common Dreams of Zanskar


saving the endangered identity and dreaming for a better one.